Although small town raised; we bring a BIG sound. Our southern country souls have been relentlessly tattooed with grit and hard rock. Music coverage of the ones you know and love like Fleetwood, Highly Suspect, Miranda Lambert, 4 Non-Blondes, and Led Zeppelin while still embracing our own sound.

Our endeavors derived from transparency. With recent highs and lows, there's nothing to hide.

 As we continue forward with this introspective journey, we welcome you with open arms to who We were, who We are and who We are becoming.

We make music for the masses. 

Lead Singer: Jesica Peacock from MT Pleasant, TX

Lead Guitar: Mason McFarland from Marshall, TX

Bass: Paul Haley from Marshall, TX

Drums: John Pierce from Diana, TX

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Tru Blu Media - Interview 5/16/23 with Lee Mathis 

I will be sitting down with Lee Mathis on the 16th of May. This will be a NO RULES interview where I get to ask anything my little heart desires. I foresee this not only being super fun but also very entertaining for both parties involved. You can catch it on Facebook in real time or after I will make sure to upload the video here. So, stay tuned!!

Murdered & Missing Indigenous Women

Together we can change it and make a difference.

John Pierce

Paul Haley

Mason McFarland